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Dr. Rein Tideiksaar - President, Fall Prevent LLC Originally posted at:   http://www.ecarediary.com/Blog2714/Seeing-Your-Way-to-Better-Balance.aspx#sthash.9R5fxkPl.dpuf  Reposted here with kind permission of the author. The basic task of balance is to help us stay upright when standing and walking. Most importantly, stable balance helps us to carry out our everyday activities,


 I’m afraid I’ll fall because I can’t see in the dark.

walking-up-stairs-at-night-stridelight-lighted-caneNight blindness- for many people, it’s a normal aging process that happens gradually. If you’re 40 or older, you may already be experiencing the first effects of night blindness caused by fewer light-sensitive rods, yellowing of the lenses, and slower and less dilation of the pupils, all of which reduce the amount of light reaching the retina.