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StrideLight® Ultrabright Walking Cane

Elegant.   Practical.    Brilliant.

Put a StrideLight® Walking Cane in your hand and independence in your step.

See how the StrideLight® Cane’s clear, ultraluminous
LED lights up the night to reduce the risk of falling


Inspired and Designed by Vision Therapists

From Night to Bright at the Push of a Button

Enjoy security and independence with the StrideLight® Ultrabright Walking Cane

Invented by low vision therapists at Salus University, home of the Pennsylvania College of Optometry. The StrideLight® Walking Cane shines strong, even and clear light exactly where it’s needed- around your feet and walking area. The military-grade LED shines brightly shine on obstacles that can cause trips and falls.

According to our experts, millions of people have low vision. This means that their eyesight can’t be corrected by lenses, surgery or medicine. Glaucoma, macular degeneration, diabetes, multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s Disease  are all causes of  low  vision.

Low vision results in loss of depth perception, loss of balance and the ability to judge distances. As a result, it becomes difficult or impossible to recognize and safely walk in dark places where there are stairs, curbs, puddles, icy spots, area rugs, misplaced shoes, sleeping pets- that can cause injuries from  trips and falls.

Consequently, our therapists’ idea behind the StrideLight® Cane is that strong light can enhance vision and depth perception and  improve balance to reduce the risk of falling.

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The StrideLight® Cane: Security, Confidence, Independence


The Light

  • Tested and endorsed by low vision and mobility experts
  • Ultra-luminous military-grade LED for highest contrast
  • Optimal 120 degree light arc in the walking area
  • LED rated at 400 Lumens for 50,000 hours
  • Simple push button on/off
  • Easy to replace AA batteries- no tools required

The Cane

  • Scientifically engineered, discreetly designed
  • Supports up to 250 lb.
  • Fully adjustable 30”- 40”
  • Sturdy, lightweight high quality aluminum
  • 1 year Limited Warranty
  • Made in U.S.A

No other products match the StrideLight® Cane for clarity, intensity and directed positioning of bright, clear light for an independent and confident walking experience.

Ascending outdoor stairs with StrideLight(tm) LED Cane_opt

The StrideLight® Cane’s shielded light shines on and around your feet- right where you’re walking

Trustycane steps_opt

Canes with forward-facing lights in the handle don’t light your feet… or your next step!



Owner’s Manual (PDF)


One Year Limited Warranty (PDF)


Need to change the Stridelight Batteries? Watch the video below.