Introducing the StrideLight® Cane for Fall Prevention, the first-ever ultra-luminous lighted walking cane designed to reduce the risk of falling in the dark.

Developed in partnership with professionals in low vision and mobility at Salus University, the StrideLight® Cane is designed specifically to inspire confidence and independence when walking in the dark. The StrideLight® Cane’s patent-pending military-grade LED shines intense, clear lighting in a wide arc in the walking area to illuminate obstacles that can cause tripping and falling.


Put the StrideLight® Cane in your hand and confidence in your step!

Natural changes with age and chronic conditions such as glaucoma, macular degeneration, diabetes and Parkinson’s Disease  are all causes of vision loss that increase the risk of falling in poor lighting because they impair depth perception and the ability to judge distances. Vision loss and unsteady balance go hand-in-hand, also increasing the risk of falling.

In fact, the combination of poor vision and poor lighting doubles the risk of falling and hip fracture.

The StrideLight® Ultrabright Walking Cane is a bright idea invented by doctors to increase personal safety, security and independence

Independence and confidence to live a full, active life

Freedom to go out at night with family and friends

Peace of mind for caregivers and family members


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The StrideLight Walking Cane shines bright light in the walking area to reduce the risk of falling at night.


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The StrideLight® Cane is just like turning on the headlights of your car.  The ease of ‘seeing’ in places where I would otherwise have to trust that the ground, sidewalk or floor is level and safe is immeasurable.” 

-S.R. Glaucoma patient

Even your home can trip you up- make StrideLight your nightlight!


The StrideLight® Cane is ideal for :

  • Anyone with mild to moderate vision, balance or mobility impairments that affect the ability to walk safely and confidently in the dark
    • glaucoma, macular degeneration, cataracts, retinal disease, night blindness, diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, hypertension, traumatic brain injury.
  • Anyone who sees normally during the day but has difficulty with vision loss and depth perception at night
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